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HanJie is a Multidisciplinary Theatre Artist.

A graduate from the acting company at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, his acting credits include, Lady Lucy, The Last Gasp, Bike America, and Star-Spangled, a new musical by Tony Award nominee Douglas Carter Beane.

He also collaborates behind-the-scenes in costumes and production photography: KPOP (Ars Nova), Sing Street (NYTW), Underground Railroad Game (Ars Nova), and Broadway Bounty Hunter (Greenwich House Theater)

His work as a production photographer has been credited in outlets such as the New YorkerPlaybill, and Billboard.
He has also served as the Costume Shop Associate at the New York Theatre Workshop.

Beyond the theatre, HanJie is a linguist and avid traveller, having graduated with Honours in French with Psychology and International Experience from Bangor University, Wales. Born and bred in Singapore, he has lived out of a van in New Zealand, by the beach in the French Caribbean, and in social isolation in New York City. He currently resides in very rural Norfolk, England; surrounded by deer and grass.

HanJie is currently playing the lead roles of Phillip Henslowe and Will Shakespeare in the voiceover drama Lady Lucy, based on Shakespeare's 'Dark Lady' sonnets.



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